Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Holistic And Integrative Psychiatry For Children And Teens

As a parent, it’s very difficult to see your child struggle and not be able to help. Too often, families will turn to medication immediate due to feeling vulnerable or the child may already be in crisis. However, in situations, therapy, nutrition, exercise and supplementations can be just as vital and effective. For these reasons, we typically prefer to try therapy and supplementations before prescribing medication whenever possible.

In many cases, medication is only needed for a brief duration, serving as a temporary bridge while other treatments take effect.


Conditions Treated For Children & Teens




Self-Harm Behaviors

Behavioral Issues



Parent/Teen Relationships


Social Skills



Call Today To Schedule An Initial Evaluation For Your Child Or Teen

If you’d like to explore a holistic approach of supplementations and botanicals, medications, therapy, nutrition and other treatment options for your child – including holistic alternatives – call us at (240)123-0000 to schedule an initial evaluation.

Child/ Adolescent Psychiatric Management Services

Initial Evaluation $425.00

Medication Management:

30 Minutes-$150.00

45 Minutes-$180.00

60 Minutes-$220.00

Psychiatric Evaluation with Report $625.00

Telephone Consultation $50.00 per 15 Minutes

Telephone Consultation/Third Party $150.00 per 30 Minutes

No Show/Under 24 Hours Cancellation-Same as appointment fee

All services provided by either Board Certified Psychiatrist and/or Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


We truly understand the decision to start child on psychotropic medication is one that is not easy for any parent. Our process involves thoughtful discussions with you as a parent or other caregiver, as well as school teachers or counselors when appropriate. 

Wellness is not an over night journey, just like the development of the disorder process did not  occur over night. However, with proper care team, individualized treatment planning, communication, guidance and patience, we do see wellness and make significant progression towards life long wellness.

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